Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It Ends Here

Apparently...  The time i'm scared the most has come.
Back then, we had our unbelievably great moments that i won't forget. Probably the best of the best. We once tried to explain to each other how in love we were. We had our best moments in 2012. I still remember the time you talked to me like you were a half of my life. And I still keep it. And i can't threw it away.
At that time, my greatest fear was to see you with someone else. Imagining you holding another man. Another man that hugs you. Or even kisses you. Just couldn't believe how desperate i would be back then if that was true.  I tried to keep you and protected you but it was impossible in 2013. You and I were separated from one country to another. We were broken apart. I couldn't do anything unless i met you face to face. My parents didn't know how i feel in that time. They won't give me the ticket to go back. But i must not blame my parents. It is all my fault. And now i found my greatest fear comes to reality in 2014.
I'm sorry i couldn't be there in the right time.